Welcome at the VIZIER Workshop on Structural Virology 2008!

Viruses are a major class of major human pathogens and represent most of the etiological agents of newly emerging diseases, however our understanding of the basic processes involved in virus/host-cell interactions remains limited.

This workshop will cover recent advances in our understanding of viral entry, assembly, replication and pathogenesis principally, but not exclusively, based upon information derived from structural studies. The planned sessions are on viral assembly, double-stranded RNA viruses, the flavivirus replication machinery, the coronavirus replication machinery, virus/host interactions including aspects of viral entry, negative strand RNA viruses and viruses of prokaryotes and archea.

In addition to the invited speakers, oral presentations will be selected from the submitted abstracts. The sessions are not exclusive and any topic relevant to the structural biology of viruses will be considered for a poster or oral presentation. For this reason early registration and abstract submission is strongly encouraged.

The workshop is part of the training and dissemination activities of the Vizier and Spine2Complexes projects. Department of Biomolecular Structural Chemistry, Max F. Perutz Labs at University of Vienna, is a Training and Dissemination Centre for the EU 6th Framework VIZIER project (http://www.vizier-europe.org).